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Pilates: More than Exercise

Pilates is a powerful exercise method that aims to educate students to take a deeper look into their body’s structure and how it functions. Practitioners develop their abdominal muscles, lower back, and buttocks to support the body. People who regularly do Pilates exhibit greater body control and feel more energized than those who do not.

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About the Pilates Workout Method

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Originally known as Contrology, Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th Century. The Pilates workout is an umbrella of more than 500 unique exercises that are performed on a mat or other related Pilates apparatuses. Pilates strengthens your “powerhouse” (defined as as your abs, lower back and buttocks) to support the body.

The exercises emphasize precise, controlled, and fluid movements, all taught by highly trained instructors. By focusing on the quality of your movements, rather than the quantity of reps, each session becomes more complex as you grow comfortable with the previous lesson’s exercises. Pilates will leave you feeling inspired, energized and focused for the rest of your day!


Barre is a uniquely fun, high-energy group fitness experience! It combines exercise techniques from Pilates, Dance, and Yoga with upbeat Cardio and Sculpting Moves. This class is guaranteed to lift the seat, tone the thighs and burn fat in record breaking time. Utilizing the ballet barre to perform small isometric movements helps us attack all the areas women struggle with: abs, hips, seat and arms. It defies gravity by tapering everything in and lifting it up. Barre requires such focus that you block “life” out for the hour. The workout is a great compliment to the Pilates Workout Method!

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One Free Mat, Barre or TRX Class

Are you new to Pilates or to More than Core Pilates Studio? Your first mat class is on us. Try your first fundamental/beginner mat class or barre class at no cost. Please email or call us to reserve your spot!