The Classes

More Than Core Pilates offers our clients a number of different class options. From mat classes, to the fun and unique Barre classes, there is something for everybody to enjoy!


This group class incorporates the use of the tower system and Pilates mat work. You will be challenged through stretch, balance and strength of your core utilizing different spring tensions, and various lying and standing positions.
(max 6 participants)

Low Chair

This class will challenge you in balance, focus and core fitness. The Low Chair looks harmless, but don’t be fooled! It will definitely give you a sufficient workout! It is a fun and challenging class and will make you feel invigorated as you leave the class.
(max 5 participants)


Barre classes are a fun energetic group class that will get your heart rate up and put your body to work. Barre isolates and works out muscle groups that don’t get attention in traditional workouts.
(max 10 participants)

Mat Classes

The foundation of the Pilates system consists of floor (mat) and small props (magic circle, weights, foam roller, therabands, balls etc.). In these classes you will learn to coordinate your breath, body and mind while moving fluidly through a sequence of exercises. Pilates mat work is a great way to challenge your body with gravity and controlled movements.
(max 10 participants)


This class is a dynamic full body workout utilizing the springs as resistance. This apparatus will help decompress and elongate joints and muscles while focusing on our “powerhouse”. It is a great way to achieve a uniformly developed body.
(max 5 participants)

Kid’s Program

Teaching Pilates to children provides an opportunity for early positive movement experiences. Practicing Pilates has been shown to assist children with concentration, stress management, and confidence in their physicality. In this program, we will teach the classical mat series in a positive, encouraging, environment. We will work on improving self-efficacy and self-esteem.
Classes are 45 minutes in length
Ages 9-12 years old

Pilates TRX and Barre Bootcamp

Suspension training is one of the latest innovations in exercise, and none do it better than TRX! Pilates TRX and Barre Bootcamp use the signature TRX Suspension Trainer, allowing you to get an effective total body workout. You’ll notice the results immediately with this bodyweight variant of our classic Pilates and Barre classes.